Fine 5 in 1 Extendo Drill Bit

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Fine F Two-way Rotation Carbide Tungsten Bits for 3/32” Nail Drill

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Super long carbide tungsten 5 in 1 nail drill bit, manicure Tool for acrylic & gel removal, achieving perfect shaping, filing, and buffing of acrylic nails with our longer head design.

Our Fine F nail drill bits are made from the hardest carbide tungsten material, offering low heat, low vibration, low noise and long-lasting performance. Its extremely sharp tooth design removes acrylic nails, hard and thick nails, gel extensions and dip powder with ease and with less pressure.

Extra Long & Cross-tine Design: The 5-in-1 nail drill bit features a longer design with a larger contact area, making it faster and easier to remove and polish acrylic nails than other drill bits. The cross-tine design easily removes acrylic nails, dip powder, polymer gel and hard gel nails.

Two-way Rotation Direction: Our upgraded nail drill bits are suitable for both left and right hands, allowing for versatile uses in any situation. It is perfect for nail cleaning and preparing, shaping, shortening, cuticle work.

Universal 3/32″ (2.35mm) tungsten steel shank fits 3/32-inch nail drill machine, and most professional electric nail drills on the market or rechargeable manicure nail file machines.


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