Nail Forms Stiletto Nail Forms- 100pcs/Roll

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Directions: Simply apply 1 piece of a nail extension tip to wrap around your nail after folding the nail form guide stickers.

The shaped nail extension tips are approximately 8.2 cm x 7.2 cm. They are easy to wrap around your fingers and nails and come in sizes that are suitable for most people.

These forms are premium quality: extremely firm, extremely sticky, self-adhesive, and they don’t separate while being used. They were made of strong enough paper of high quality, making them simple to control.
The forms are great and perfectly aligned and extra long, great for making nail extensions! They can be lined to make any shape of nail. You can use them to create shapes like the ballerina, square, rhombus, stiletto, and more! suitable for acrylic nail extensions, poly nail gel, nail sculpting and acrylic nail builders. Each form is marked with a length and a number to make it simple for you to create attractive nails. You can check that your nails are the same length and shape by using the scale and numbering, which is very helpful. This is a tool that is ideal for both beginners and professionals.


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Acrylic Nails Extension Form Sticker Guide, 100pcs in a roll. These nail forms are for both nail art enthusiasts or beginners, the package includes about 100 pieces of nail form extension stickers. The nail extension stickers are number and length marked, providing a precise guide for making your pretty nails. You need not worry that you may wrap your nail incorrectly. Widespread use: the guide for nail forms DIY nail art tools are appropriate for professionals, amateurs, and nail salon patrons. Using nail extension tips, you can create stunning art nails.



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