Purple Disposable Dental Bibs 125 Pcs, 3 Ply Waterproof

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Each sealed bag contains 125 PCS dental bibs that are 13″ x 18,” ensuring cleanliness. sufficient supplies for everyday needs, and sufficient in size to offer complete protection.

Triple Layer Defense: consists of a backing made of 1-ply poly film and 2-ply tissues. The poly film can provide the best liquid barrier, and the two-ply tissues will absorb liquids and spills.

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Pink Disposable Dental Bibs (125 Pcs)-3 Ply Waterproof -These are great to use while doing nail art or any projects. These disposable paper towels are frequently used by nail technicians for manicures, DIY projects, and nail art because they quickly absorb liquid spills and dust during manicures. After each client, quickly dispose of the materials to keep your workbench clean and reduce cleaning time.

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