TCD Nails Square 4XL Full Cover Nail Tips, 120pcs

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TCD Nails Square 4XL Full Cover Nail Tips, 120pcs, come in a square, transparent box contains 12 different sizes and types of nails organized neatly. Finding the size that fits you is simple and quick thanks to the way each size has been organized into a separate compartment.

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  • Great for acrylic and press on nails
  • 4XL Full Cover Long Square Nail Tips
  • 12 sizes, 10pcs for each size
  • 120pcs Clear Nail Tips

Easy to glue with TCD Nails Glue. Easy to file, apply gel, and trim, clear long nails are also difficult to fall off. Super long nail tips that you can trim to your preferred length and shape however you like, such as Stiletto, coffin nails or ballerina nails.

Long, super-lengthy clear full-coverage. You will be the center of attention at any major performances, parties, or dances thanks to its ideal length and of course your various nail decorations you add. Look at our Nail Art Accessories


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