TCD Nails-Nail Art Brush Collections, OG and She Thick

The TCD Nails Art Brush Collection brushes are professional brushes and beginner friendly. We have a variety of shapes and sizes available; each brush is design to achieve and help create a professional looking design. We highly recommend the 27mm Certified Freak Liner Brush, it has long bristles with short, rounded, and pointed tip; it’s a great tool to achieve straight long lines. Our 15mm Must Have Liner Brush is a must! This is one of favorites in this collection; it helps achieve a good precision effect on your nails.  You can easily make every nail art design you want with this Nail Art Brush Collection.

We have a variety of nail art brushes for you to choose from. We wish you the best on your nail journey! Remember, never stop creating! Please go to our website and start shopping 🙂

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