Moonlight Glow by TCD Nails with Phone Clip

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The Moonlight Glow by TCD Nails decorative rhinestones lighting fixture is ideal for nail technicians, waxing studios, beauty salons, aesthetic salons, or tattoo parlors.
You can direct the light where you need it with a flexible lamp shade.

It can shine light from a variety of angles without getting in the way, helping to minimize shadows that make work challenging!

This desk lamp does an excellent job of giving you the lighting you need to carry out your profession without any problems, whether you’re a nail artist, lash technician, aesthetician, brow tech, or facialist.


48W Dimmable Light Desk/Table Lamp Stand

Simple Installation and Free-Range positioning: To install the desk lamp, merely attach the base to both sides of the lamp holder.

Base with non-slip foam that can be positioned at any angle on table or desk with various interfaces and is stable and won’t topple over.

A touch-on key on the wire control switch allows you to change the brightness and color temperature.

3 color temperature can be adjusted, provide soft lighting without dazzling.

You can choose between 3000K (warm light) and 6000K (white light) for the color temperature.

Essential details
Brand Name:
Glow by TCD Nails
Model Number:
Color Temperature:
Product size:
Large Size: Dia.750mm
550mm*H250mm/ 750mm*H360mm
Led bulbs:
Power Supply:

You get 1 FREE year warranty. During the warranty period,  TCD Nails will replace the moonlight lamp or offer repair services if it has manufacture faults. To make use of your warranty, you need to have proof of purchase. Warranty does not cover typical wear and tear resulting from handling or personal use. Damage or defects brought on by mishandling, mishaps, abuse, neglect, modification, incorrect or unapproved repairs, water, or inappropriate storage. Harms that are cosmetic or physical. Damages resulting from abuse, mishandling, accidents, negligence, alteration, or inappropriate storage will not be compensated. If you or an unauthorized party alters, tampers with, adjusts, or repairs the dust collector, the warranty will be voided.

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White W/Bling, Pink W/ Bling, Black W/ Cheetah, Pink W/ Cheetah


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