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Rubber Base Color Salmon

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The gel is a Jelly Tint Sheer and can be used as Base Coat, Sheer Color Gel and Nail Strengthener.

The TCD Nails Rubber Base gel is really sheer but you can apply coat layers to built up color.

It forms a strong and protective layer on the nail.

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Efficacy: Beautify, and modify fingernail, only with physical effect.
Note: This product is only used on the surface of the finger nail.

Directions: Take appropriate amount of this product
and evenly smear it on nail. Cure the nail surface under
UV/LED nail enhancement lamp. Apply top coat and cure .
(Cure Time: LED 60s, UV 120s)

Storage: Keep tightly sealed and protect it from sunlight.
Store at normal temperature. It cannot be placed under high
temperature or strong light, keep away from open fire.
(FLAMMABLE) Valid for 12 months after first opening.



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